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Vacation Goals: come home feeling relaxed, recharged and totally healthy. Think it can’t be done? Here are a few simple ways to incorporate your healthy at-home habits into your temporary routine in paradise.

I just got back from 6 days in beautiful sunny Mexico. To say my battery is now re-charged would be an understatement. I came home from vacation feeling absolutely amazing. Typically, when I get home from vacation I feel AWFUL. Always bloated, sluggish, and not ready to get back into my daily routine after gorging myself all week.
Tell me I’m not the only one? We work really hard before a trip to eat the right foods, exercise, to look and feel our best on vacation and then throw it all away the second we step off the plane into paradise. Laying on a beach chair and never moving? Indulging in countless sugary frozen cocktails all day long? Food buffets and heaping full plates as far as the eye can see?
I was determined to make healthier choices on this vacation so I didn’t come home feeling gross like I have in the past. Here are some of the simple choices I made to live my best healthy vacation life and I hope they will help you as well:

Stay active:

This doesn’t mean you need to spend your hard earned vacation stuck at the resort gym or wake up every morning to go for a long run (but, if that is your thing – more power to you!). Everyday my husband and I made it a point to take a long walk on the beach after lunch. We swam during the day and we danced at night. Our resort offered a ton of activities to stay active such as beach volleyball, paddle boarding, kayaking, and water aerobics. Sure, I spent my fair share of time parked horizontally on a beach chair but I tried to find balance each day. I know I always feel my best when I remain active and moving around.

Make healthy food choices:

When you stay at an all-inclusive resort with food everywhere it is tough to resist the temptation to eat non-stop. I tried to make healthy food choices whenever possible. Don’t get me wrong – I treated myself (as I should) on vacation. I had ice cream & enjoyed my share of margaritas. But, I didn’t go overboard like I normally would do.
Instead of my typical vacation mimosa with breakfast I had green juice (a mix of celery, cactus, pineapple & ginger—so delicious). I enjoyed fresh tropical fruit every morning and I had a salad with lunch every afternoon. I enjoyed all the fresh & local fish on the menu and paired every entrée with fresh vegetables. When I was full I stopped eating – and, this was the game changer for me. Instead of always clearing my plate and eating until pure exhaustion set in, I stopped as soon as I felt full. I also stayed away from all fried foods. Fried food tends to not agree with me and I wanted to feel my best the whole time I was there.

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water is so important no matter where you are – but especially on a hot vacation in the sun. It is super easy to become dehydrated on vacation and become sluggish, get headaches, nausea, etc. Everywhere I went I had bottled water with me and made sure to drink it constantly. For every cocktail & glass of wine I had, I doubled my water consumption – keeping my body completely hydrated.

If you are headed for sunny destinations this winter I hope these simple tricks help you to come home feeling your best.