Word Of The Year

What is Your 2019 Word of the Year?

As we get off the fun and busy treadmill of the holidays, now is the perfect time to start thinking about a brand NEW YEAR!

It’s a wonderful chance to honor, celebrate and acknowledge what is, what has been and what do we want to manifest for the upcoming year? Yet, it can also be a time of overwhelm when we suddenly want everything to happen right now, as if flipping a magical switch when the calendar page turns. Ta da…a bright and shiny New Year and the promise of a new and improved YOU!!

But, setting the stage for 2019 involves letting go of quick fixes. A fresh slate can be incredibly seductive, especially when we want to tackle all those dreams and goals at once. Many of my clients start the New Year off with a big bang and bite off way more than they can chew – suddenly feeling panicked and splattered. The result is a recipe for underperformance, let down and big time stress.

Discovering your WORD OF THE YEAR is a fabulous exercise in jumpstarting your dreams and intentions for 2019 and stepping into what it feels like to manifest an intention from your heart, your body and your soul. Your WORD OF THE YEAR calls forth 2019 from a place of fortuity and ease, not overwhelm. Your special touchstone or “word” can open up an amazing world of possibility. Through a series of questions, I walk my clients through an exploration of themselves and their soul… choosing a word that helps them access their own wisdom, truth and inner radiance.

What energy do you want to guide you for 2019? What word is on the tip of your tongue to manifest greatness in the next 12 months? We will be bringing this intention to fruition in our upcoming CK Wellness Workshop on Friday, January 4, 2019, immediately following guided meditation and chakra energy work.