Summer 2019 is coming to a close and while you probably kept up with your crazy routine of shuttling kids to their various summer activities, you may have fallen off of your own routines of eating well and exercising regularly.
No kidding. It happens to all of us. So, let’s get over it, move on and focus on September.

How do you get yourself back into that routine?
Well, break it down into a list of steps:

1. Look up the schedules of the places you like to take classes and book yourself in for the next 3-4 weeks.
⁃ why should you do at least 3-4 weeks? Well, it’s way too easy just to “book 1 week” because you don’t know how busy you will get with your fall schedule.
⁃ I say B.S. to the above. Other “stuff” will always be present. Commit to yourself to make it back to a routine and everything else will just happen around it!

2. Create your schedule and include your gym time in there. Don’t just input your kids after school activities and who is driving carpool on which days. Put your gym time down as an appointment that you can’t miss!
⁃ by adding yourself in as an appointment you are telling yourself you are just as important as volunteering to be a room parent for your kids!

3. Go thru your workout clothes and get rid of anything you really don’t like to wear. Anything that’s retaining a stink you can’t seem to get rid of. And if you have the desire-maybe go out and purchase that one pair of leggings or workout top you have been eyeing. While it may sound crazy- when you feel good in your workout clothes, you actually have a better workout!

4. Try a new place/class for a trial. Many of the gyms and classes in town offer a free trial class. Why not use that as an opportunity to get some knowledge as to what is out there? Grab a friend- so you can both motivate to try!

Making yourself a priority, especially coming off a fun filled summer will help you set the tone for a great fall and an even better version of you! I always like to think of Labor Day as basically “New Years Eve” an opportunity for a total reset. I hope to see you take that leap and get back into a good routine!!