foam rolling

The Benefits of Foam Rolling and Why You Should get Rolling ASAP

Hey Wellness Warriors, are you starting new routines for your health this New Year? One routine you need to kick-start is foam rolling. The benefits of “rolling” are amazing. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique used by physical therapists and athletes to maximize muscle recovery. Join the bandwagon and treat your body to this self-massage tool. These are just some of the incredible benefits to your body you get when taking the time to roll it out with the foam roller.

1. Loosens up muscle tissue

Did you know that stretching out your muscles before your workout will help you to perform effectively and safely? Foam rolling is a perfect way to relax your muscles before a workout, ensuring you a more effective and efficient sweat session.

2. Prevents injury

The feeling that you get from foam rolling is similar to a deep tissue massage due to your own body weight pressing against the roll. Massage helps avoid injury during exercise. So if you can’t get to the massage therapist on a regular basis, foam rolling will do the trick to release pressure upon the muscle.

3. Reduces soreness

A study conducted in January 2015 by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association found that foam rolling was substantially effective in reducing muscle fatigue and soreness. Just make sure you are still stretching and keeping up with your mobility work along with cardio and strength training.

4. Increases flexibility

When your muscles are loosened up (due to foam rolling) it increases their elasticity. It can also increase your range of motion, which will produce more power output with your muscles. More power plus better performance equals rockstar status.

5. Increases blood circulation

So, if time or money is preventing you from getting to the massage therapist, don’t worry. Foam rolling also is good for improving circulation. Areas of your body with good circulation receive more oxygen creating an energizing effect and feeling.