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“Have fun when you workout and it won’t feel like work!”

Are you stuck in a rut? Have you lost motivation to workout? Is fitness not fun for you? Have you stopped enjoying exercise? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself on a regular basis, then you need to put the FUN back into your routine. Staying active and physically fit has many benefits, including weight management, improved mood, heart health, more energy, better sleep and reduced risk of chronic illnesses. How can you bring some excitement and fun back into your fitness regimen? Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Grab a friend
Enlisting the help of a friend is always a good idea when you need a little motivation to kick start your routine. But don’t grab just any friend – make sure they are energetic and enthusiastic about working out. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and good vibes will definitely make working out more fun. Set up “dates” with your friend (s) to workout each week, either walking or running outside, meeting up at the gym to hit the weight room or going to a local studio for a group class.

2. Try a new workout class
Stuck in a rut and not having fun? Switch up your routine. Try a new studio, gym or workout class. If you love to run, try a spin class. Do you love yoga? Maybe try pilates or a barre class. Are you weight training? If not, it’s a perfect time to start.

3. Buy a new pair of sneakers or a new workout outfit
Seems silly, but if you “feel” good in a new pair of sneakers or a new tank top, you will be motivated to get out & show it off.

4. Track your progress
Log your exercise activity, vital stats (weight, measurements, best times, maximum lifts)…chart your activity for a month and feel accomplished at all the hard work you put in!

5. Play
Kids play all the time – why shouldn’t adults indulge in a little playtime too? Loved soccer or baseball as a child? Look for an adult league (there are many!) and sign up! Carve out time for yourself to enjoy a sport that you used to play when you were young. You will have fun, meet other active individuals and enjoy the benefits of a good workout too.

6. Music
I saved the best tip for last. My favorite way to make working out FUN is to make sure that I have the best playlist to sweat to – either in class or on my own, music is such an incredible motivator. Create a new playlist and get moving.