Organization requires a ton of focus, concentration, ability to compartmentalize, and balance. Organization is much like being a full time athlete. Athletes must focus on their bodies, concentrate on their movement, make decisions about when or where to move, and have balance to control their movement.

Being an adult “athlete” is no different. Getting yourself to a workout, proper re-fuel post workout, adequate restoration, ideal recovery, balancing your other time commitments all require organization. It’s easy to tell yourself you “don’t have time” to get to a class or to find a reason that you can’t make it to the gym. People always ask me how I am able to manage my various professional commitments. How is it possible that I have the chance to exercise, eat well and have time for my kids/family. My answer is always the same- it’s about being organized and committing to 5am workouts, quick on the go overnight oats/protein smoothies, and turning the bedroom lights off by 10pm.

This concept of how organization is like being a full time athlete occurred to me even more this week. I was making my shopping list and meal prep for the week, cleaning out my kids lunch boxes, and also answering my clients emails. Sometimes I feel like I have to be an octopus, running around putting my fingers in the holes that spring leaks and other times everything seems to fall into place. Planning ahead sounds cliche- I don’t plan ahead, I just prepare. And generally that means that I am doing food prep on Sundays when I can, making appts in my calendar for things like sending emails, making sure that I have my kids snacks and lunches ready, writing my clients workouts, prepping our coaches at OTF for the week, making playlists for Krigsman, and keeping up with my podcasts from movement as medicine….all organization that allows me to be prepared. Generally I have to put myself first-when will I work out, what will I need to refuel, when do I need to sleep. And of course not everything goes to plan- clients are late, appointments run over, the grocery store doesn’t have what I am looking for, the weather doesn’t cooperate…you know the deal. But I don’t let things like that derail my overall plan. At night I prepare my early morning nutrition, I pack my kids lunches/snacks, I set out my clothes for work (I get up at 4:30am in the dark). My calendar is color coded for every job commitment, child, husband, dog, event on a daily basis. See, being a full time fitness professional is not just about leading others in fitness activities, but truly about teaching others to be fitness organized.

Equate organization with being an adult athlete. give yourself the respect and admiration that you usually render to those athletes we all admire. See how your life can change, all from staying organized.

See ya in the studio friends,