What are we loving about local portrait photographer, Sarah Hinchey, in 2020? EVERYTHING. To know Sarah, is to totally, completely love her. The honest passion she has for making every human see the beauty within themselves, reflected in the lens, then pierced right through to the heart of each, individual soul is why Sarah is building a brand that echos everything this New Year is promising.

We are about to embark on an amazing mission with Sarah this year but, first, she has a few New Years goals and dreams (and incredible projects) of her own. Cheers to no apologies, no self-doubt and no apologizing for the uniqueness that makes you, you. There is so much to smile about.

Sitting down with Sarah:

“I’m on a mission to build self-love and self-value in every single person who comes to me for a portrait experience. I’ve been photographing people for the last decade, and we all do the same thing. We step in front of the lens and apologize for our physical insecurities. “I’m sorry, I need to lose ten pounds,” “I’m sorry, I look old,” “I’m sorry, my smile is super awkward.” The list goes on and on. I’ve heard it all, and I’ve felt it all about myself too.

We are so hard on ourselves, particularly when it comes to the way we look. Insecurity can be crippling, but our appearance is the least interesting thing about us.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We want to feel seen and to feel loved. My superpower is gifting that to the people who step in front of my camera. I know that I can show every person I photograph a portrait of themselves that they will absolutely fall in love with. They will see the beauty that everyone else in their life sees reflected back at them. It is a magical, transformative experience, and a powerful way to encourage self-confidence. And, the world needs more confident people!

My portrait sessions are completely customized to you and your personal style. We consult in advance to discuss your dream gallery, and coordinate on styling, location, lighting, posing and wardrobe to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Whether you’re red lipstick bold, classic to the core, or a bohemian romantic at heart, your session is tailored to be an authentic reflection of you – capturing your unique personal style and celebrating your individual beauty. Your photoshoot begins with professional hairstyling and makeup application so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the magical “model for the day” experience. You can share this special session with your loved ones – children, spouse, Mom, sister, best friend – or use it as an opportunity to enjoy time for yourself. At the end of your photoshoot, you’ll have an elegant gallery of Vanity Fair style portraits celebrating your beauty and confidence, and reminding you that you are PERFECT exactly the way you are right now.”

And, what does Sarah have in store her 2020 passion? It’s an amazing look into an empowering demographic – 50 Over 50.

“I love photographing all people – 8 days old to 80 years and beyond. And, while I continue to photograph all ages, this year I have a passion project to photograph 50 women over 50. This demographic has empowered me my entire life, and as a portrait photographer I have the ability to empower them in return. It is a population that is so under-represented in the media, but these women are too experienced to be ignored, and too beautiful to feel unseen”.

To inquire and learn more about Sarah’s 50 over 50 campaign, we encourage you to visit her website and become informed, empowered and inspired (HERE).