CK 12 Days of Wellness gift #4 is gluten-free beer from Craft Beer Cellar in Braintree.

Gone are the days of just one kind of beer to choose from if you are gluten-free! There are many options on the shelves at Craft Beer Cellar in Braintree (also including cider and kombucha).

Craft Beer Cellar Braintree, owned and operated by Kay and Matt Young, is an awesome place to shop all of the local craft beer that our area has to offer (and, that’s a LOT of craft beer!). While working in the 9 to 5 world, Kay was also helping out a friend a Peak Organic Brewing Company and met the Craft Beer Cellar co-founders, Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow, and fell in love with the world of craft beer. After moving down here from Watertown (just walking distance from the store), Matt and Kay are deeply involved in their community and are doing some awesome work to help promote all that is happening in our area in the brewing business.

CBC gluten free beer