CK 12 Days of Wellness #9 is kombucha – the probiotic tea your tummy needs this winter. 10 lucky CK Holiday Wellness Club home meal delivery clients will receive a bottle of Health-Ade kombucha with this week’s deliveries.

Kombucha (affectionately known as “booch” on the instagrams of social media influencers and wellness bloggers) is an effervescent probiotic tea that is low in sugar, caffeine and calories. Fermented “friendly” bacteria (read: probiotics) is celebrated for aiding with digestion, treating tummy issues, improving mental health and boosting the immune system. Your body is hosting a bacteria party (good and bad) on the regular and inviting as many of the “good guys” into your system as possible helps maintain a healthy balance (and everyone’s “healthy bacteria balance” is different).

There are many varieties of kombucha out there but our favorites from Health-Ade contain slightly less sugar than most others (all kombucha requires some sugar to actively ferment). Whole Foods regularly runs sales on Health-Ade kombucha so keep your eyes peeled while over in the soups/deli section of the Hingham store. As with any nutritional beverage, food or supplement, experiment in small doses and do what works best for YOUR body.