12 Days of Wellness

The holiday season is here! As you spend time running around taking care of holiday decorating, shopping, and everything else on everyone else’s wish list, who is taking care of YOU?

Our Holiday Wellness Club clients will be receiving some special pampering from us here at CK during our upcoming “12 Days of Wellness” as a reminder to take the time to practice a little extra self-care this year.

With wellness gifts from community partners like Nectar & Green, Tryst, Leone Marketing Solutions (where all of our amazing CK logo swag is created!), Off Duty Model/On Duty Citizen, Craft Beer Cellar Braintree and more, we are going to put a smile on the faces of our Holiday Wellness Club clients – and let you know about some amazing local companies producing some very cool things in the name of health and wellness.

CK 12 Days of Wellness begins December 1st (all gifts delivered with orders on CK home delivery days).

Interested in learning more about our home delivery Wellness Club programs? Just send us a note to info@clandestinekitchen.com and we will be happy to tell you more. Happy holidays!