CK Self Care Series: Splish Splash
Author: Trish Hart, CK Stress Management editor

My favorite self care daily ritual is my nightly bath. Ever since I was a child “B&B”, or “bath and bed” was a family routine for all of us, including my dad. In college, since the main dorms did not have bathtubs, I would befriend the RAs, just to bring Mr. Bubble and soak for a precious half hour. In graduate school, I would study and edit papers for hours in the tub and always felt better after. I always knew it made me feel relaxed, but here are some interesting science facts that supports why:

1. Bathing may have similar effects on your body as exercise…it burns calories!

2. Bathing can help regulate your blood sugar

3. Bathing can help regulate your blood pressure and lower cortisol, a stress hormone…just like the Japanese wellness ritual of forest bathing!

4. Bathing can help make your mind will feel more relaxed and sharper.

5. Bathing can help keep your immune system strong by elevating your body’s temperature, which boosts your ability to fight infections and viruses.

6. Bathing can actually increase the flow of oxygen throughout your respiratory system.

7. Bathing helps improve sleep quality

Knowing these benefits, don’t be surprised if there are “fights” for hot water in your home at night! Enjoy!