What is CBD and how can it help me?

CBD has been a popular buzzword in mainstream lately. Over the last two years it has gained a tremendous amount of media attention. But is this just another passing health fad? There is so much that we can write about Hemp and Cannabis, the science, the history and the benefits of these amazing plants. But we will keep this to just the basics.

Did you know that Hemp and Cannabis can both make CBD?

There are two main ways that hemp differs from traditional forms of cannabis. Though they are two different species of the same plant, they have very different effects and therefore people use them for very different purposes. One is much better for use in medicinal CBD oil, as you’ll see, while the other is much more suited for recreational use.

They also have some things in common. For example, the scientific name of each of them is Cannabis sativa L., which most people refer to as marijuana. This is more accurate when it comes to cannabis than when it comes to hemp, though, as hemp is really a different plant entirely. So, while they are both in the marijuana family, they have some key differences that separate them. In addition, growers tend to cultivate them in different ways in order to produce these differing properties.

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive (will not get you high) compound found in cannabis (a plant). These THC levels are so low that CBD lacks the psychoactive properties. Instead, CBD fans swear by the stuff as a way to relax, get better sleep, and manage anxiety, among other things.

Hemp will not get you high. Instead, people use hemp for more industrial efforts like animal feed, rope, clothing, food, medicine, skin care products, and more! People even make clothing, jewelry, paper, and more items out of hemp. It offers some great benefits but getting high isn’t one of them. You can find hemp in almost any type of product these days, from moisturizing lotion to granola at the grocery store.

Things to look for when buying CBD
This is where some confusion can creep in. If people do not fully understand that THC is the element that makes marijuana illegal in most cases, then they may see a CBD product for sale (that contains THC) and assume that all CBD products are against the law.
This is not the case. As long as you buy from a retailer offering CBD products that contain no THC, then your CBD purchase should be legal in most of the United States. It’s not CBD or hemp plants that are against the law or categorized as drugs; it’s the cannabis side of the marijuana family of plants.
Be careful with this distinction but also understand that more than likely, you are free to benefit from all the wonderful uses of the CBD plant.
Other Key factors when purchasing:
• Make sure you are buying whole plant products, not industrial hemp coming from other countries
• Clear Labeling
• Lab Tested
• Safe Extraction
• Responsibly Sourced
• Local if possible

Where are we today with the Law?
The latest Law to pass was the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. This law will allow for the legal cultivation of hemp crops for farmers all across the U.S. – without them having to apply for a federal Pilot Research permit (as they used to have to do).
More importantly however, approval of the act has removed hemp from the federal Controlled Substances Act, thereby opening the door for the unhindered research and commercialization of non-psychoactive cannabis.

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Stay tuned for the Physical Benefits and the Science behind CBD in our next article.

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