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Discovering Your Body Blueprint (Hingham Grand Opening)

Body Blueprint of Cohasset is now expanding services to Hingham. With many tools in our toolbox to help you recover (or relax!) with highly trained therapists, our Grand Opening this friday is exactly what you need on your path to total body wellness.

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Demystifying CBD (and where you can find it locally)

CBD has been a popular buzzword in mainstream lately. Over the last two years it has gained a tremendous amount of media attention. But is this just another passing health fad? There is so much that we can write about Hemp and Cannabis, the science, the history and the benefits of these amazing plants.

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Holiday Stress? Just Breathe.

Breathwork awakens your body’s innate ability to heal itself and allows you to connect with your higher self and life purpose. It helps re-train your body to breathe effectively in day-to-day living AND during stressful times. It helps to clear old beliefs and patterns that keep you from healthy, joyful living.

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