Starting a flower farm was always a dream in the back of my mind when I bought my home that had some land and a crooked old barn. As a landscape designer and avid gardener it felt like the natural next step. Both Dave and I have horticultural backgrounds and growing things comes instinctively to us.

It was the Café Au Lait Dahlia that caught my eye while looking for our wedding flowers back in 2015. I had never seen such a beautifully structured flower. The mocha, pink and cream tones knocked me off my feet and no two flowers were the same. I thought to myself ‘I need to grow these’ and started to do some research. So, we began to grow them and give them away as gifts to friends and neighbors. We could see how much joy these flowers brought people and we began to feel a connection with our community that we hadn’t before.

It was obvious that locally grown, unique flowers were at a high demand and, from there, the Crooked Barn Flower Farm was established. Every year we offer more varieties of unique cut flowers to our customers. Varieties like Sherbet Toned Chantilly Mix Snapdragon, Dalmatian Peach Foxglove, Orange Queen Lime Zinnia, Chocolate Lace Flower, and the list goes on.

Using sustainable methods to grow our flowers is an important part of our mission. It is a way to give back to the environment that gives us so much in return. Understanding what the good and bad bugs are, their life cycles and what conditions causes them to thrive is an ongoing learning experience. Building a healthy soil and proper watering techniques are equally important. We get our soil tested by mail at the Umass Extension Service in Waltham and it is helps us to stay on track.

You can buy our flowers through our website with multiple pick up locations in Hingham, Cohasset and here at the farm in Kingston each week. You can also find us at the Kingston Farmers Market on the first Sunday of every month May through October. We also provide full service for weddings and other events and a pick up option at the farm for smaller gatherings.

Join our mailing list on our website for more information about open houses and floral design workshops at the flower farm.

Elise Freda and Dave Manning