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Our friends at Island Creek Oysters (ICO) in Duxbury, MA know a thing or two about farming, family, hard work and celebrating the joy that comes from the simple things in life: like locally sourced oysters. This Mother’s Day, ICO introduces us to Cara Joly, wife, mother, and oyster farmer in Dennis, MA. Balancing being a working mom is no easy job but, this local rockstar is getting it done and, just in time for Mother’s Day this weekend, ICO is delivering the love from one mom to another straight from Joly Oysters.

How They’re Grown: These oysters are first put in rack and bags and then moved to trays. They mix up a bit of the growing out equipment and keep them completely off the ocean’s floor. They take around 18 months to 2.5 years to get to market size.

How They Taste: Salty and sweet. The Cape Cod fresh brine keeps you coming back for more! They finish with a bright sweetness of seagrass and root veggies.

Why They’re Unique: This is a petite operation. They operate on 1 acre and are making the most of it. They waited 10 years for a shellfish grant and are working hard to bring you these flavor bombs. And yes, they named their oysters after all the hard work they do!

Their Story: After the long wait, this is the Joly family’s first year of harvesting. Dennis can be a taxing area to grow oysters. The ocean front debuts all of the possible challenges in regards to weather: nor’easters, ice, ripping winds, and super high tides. It seems like Mother Nature is trying to protect these delicious gems, but have no fear! The Joly Family is here.

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