Hello, everyone! My name is Lara, and I am a college student and the creator of the blog called Naturally Lara. On my blog, I share lots of recipes, focusing on plant-based desserts, foodie guides, and travel guides! I’m so excited to be writing a guest post on the Clandestine Kitchen website today! Today’s post is all about my top twenty nutrition brands throughout 2019! Over the last few years, companies have become extremely innovative with healthy products. They have been able to create delicious snacks that are suitable for people who follow a vegan diet, gluten-free diet, or even a paleo diet.

So without further ado, I present to you my twenty favorite nutrition brands from 2019 in no particular order:

1. Simple Mills
Simple Mills products are always in my basket when I am at the grocery store! This company makes so many delicious products, but one of my favorites has to be their almond flour crackers! I love dipping these crackers in hummus or a homemade tapenade! They also sell ready-made cookies, baking mixes, baked bars, and icing. All of their products are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free, and paleo-friendly.

2. Perfect Snacks
My mum and I have become obsessed with Perfect Bars this year! They are insanely delicious and have so many different flavors to suit different taste buds. My favorite flavor has to be the chocolate chip peanut butter one because I am a chocolate lover, but I have heard so many good things about their other flavors. These bars are gluten-free, and the only dairy-free flavor is the chocolate walnut brownie one. They also make Peanut Butter Cups, which are amazing! My favorite peanut butter cup flavor is the dark chocolate one!

3. Oatly
This is my favorite plant-based milk alternative. It is super creamy and foams perfectly if you want to make a cappuccino! I also love to use this when I make a homemade hot chocolate as it makes it extra creamy. They also make amazing frozen desserts in so many different flavors.

4. Miyokos
This is one of the best plant-based dairy alternative brands! They have so many different products that taste delicious and are great substitutes in recipes. They use all plant-based ingredients in their products. I love their vegan butter, cream cheese, and mozzarella!

5. Ark Foods
Ark Food products are another staple in my basket at the supermarket! They are perfect for weeknight dinners when you don’t have a lot of time. My particular favorite is their veggie spaghetti with pesto or marinara. It takes less than five minutes to heat up, and I usually throw some salmon or beans on top as well, and then dinner is done! They also make squash snack packs and cauliflower mac and cheese.

6. Siete Foods
Siete Foods is such an amazing company! They have so many different products that all taste so delicious. Their Lime Tortilla Chips are always in my basket at the grocery store. They also make tortillas, taco shells, dips and queso, and hot sauce! All of their products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free.

7. Go Macro Bars
I love bringing Go Macro Bars with me to classes at school! My favorite flavor is the chocolate chip peanut butter bar. I love that all of their bars are vegan, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free.

8. Hope Hummus
This is my favorite hummus brand! They have so many unique flavors of hummus, but my favorite has to be the original one. It is vegan and gluten-free and so delicious! They also make cashew and almond dips and guacamole.

9. Cappellos
Cappello’s is such an innovative brand! I love their grain-free and gluten-free pizza crust! They also make grain-free pasta and insanely delicious cookie dough. I love that they use simple and real ingredients in all of their products. Their products are a weekly staple for me.

10. Lilys
As a chocolate lover, chocolate is very important to me! One of my favorite chocolate brands is Lily’s Chocolate! They use stevia to sweeten their products, so they are all refined-sugar-free and gluten-free. I love using their baking chocolate in my recipes as well as their chocolate chips. They have recently launched peanut butter cups, chocolate covered nuts, and chocolate covered popcorn, which are all incredible!

11. Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat is amazing! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a vegan meat substitute that tastes and looks just like real meat, and it’s gluten-free. Lots of restaurants are incorporating it into their menus for individuals looking for a plant-based meat option. They have a few different products ranging from the Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef, and the Beyond Sausage. My favorite is the burger!

12. Justin’s
Justin’s is one of the best brands in the nut butter aisle, in my opinion! I love anything peanut butter, and their products are particularly delicious, especially the honey peanut butter flavor. I also love their chocolate peanut butter cups for a tasty treat. Their products are gluten-free and vegan.

13. Primal Kitchen
Primal Kitchen is such an innovative company! They have products that are keto-approved, and even Whole 30 approved! A few of their products include ketchup, dressings, protein bars, pasta sauce, and protein bars. My favorite is their honey mustard dressing and their unsweetened ketchup.

14. Hu Kitchen
If you haven’t been to the Hu Kitchen in New York, you are missing out! It is hands-down one of the best restaurants ever! They have so many different products, and I felt like a kid in a candy store there! You can get Paleo Pancakes, Paleo bagels, and so much more at the restaurant. Even though you can’t get these delicious meals in stores, you can get their chocolate bars, chocolate hunks, chocolate gems, and crackers in supermarkets. I am obsessed with their cashew butter and vanilla bean dark chocolate bar, which is gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free.

15. GT’s Living Foods
This is my favorite kombucha brand! Most kombucha brands include refined-sugar in their drinks, but luckily GT’s doesn’t as they only use fresh juice. They make so many delicious flavors, and my favorite is the Strawberry Serenity flavor.They also make coconut yogurt, adaptogenic tea, water kefir, and probiotic shots.

16. Bob’s Red Mill
Bob’s Red Mill is an amazing oat brand! As I am celiac, I have to find gluten-free oat products, and I love to have their gluten-free muesli for breakfast. It is so filling and super delicious! Bob’s Red Mill has a massive range of products that are great for baking and cooking, ranging from different types of flour to protein bars.

17. Banza
Banza is always a staple for me when I am craving some pasta! I love that they focus on gluten-free and plant-based ingredients like chickpeas, and they are packed with protein. They offer a wide variety of pasta like penne, shells, and bowties. They also make rice and Mac and Cheese and offer a completely plant-based option with vegan cheddar.

18. Right Rice
Right Rice is another innovative company that focuses on plant-based ingredients! Their rice is made out of lentils and chickpeas, and they come in a wide variety of flavors. Their products are gluten-free and vegan and are packed with protein.

19. LaraBar
Lara bars are one of my go-to bars to bring to school with me! I love that they are made with simple ingredients like dates and nuts, and they are gluten-free and vegan. My favorite flavor is the chocolate chip peanut butter one. Simple and delicious!

20. Siggi’s
Siggi’s is probably one of the most popular yogurt brands on the market! They make Icelandic yogurt, so it is super thick and packed with lots of protein. They have a wide variety of flavors like classic vanilla to Strawberry and Rhubarb. They have drinkable yogurt, lactose-free yogurt, and they also recently launched a plant-based option made out of coconut milk, which is very exciting!