Ever feel like you are juggling too many things at once? Sometimes it’s hard to focus. I really try to apply what I do at work to my personal life, and I live by a “practice what you preach” mindset. I’m on Strategy & Operations at an ad tech company, and my colleagues frequently tell me they have so many ideas but don’t know where to begin.

There is a business strategy called OKR that is a framework for achieving goals. It was founded by Intel and helped Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Uber all scale to the companies they are today.

OKR stands for objectives and key results. It forces you to set ambitious goals with measurable results.

For example, at work:

Objective : Improve the new marketing process
Key Results :
1) Develop personal relationships with 5 potential customers
2) Increase lead generation by 10%
3) Launch 5 webinars

For example, at home with 3 kids:

Objective: Invest in self-care, and keep a positive attitude
Key Results:
1) Join OrangeTheory Hingham, and go to 15 classes a month
2) Visit Elements, and do 1 60 min Himalayan Sea Salt massage a month
3) Join Clandestine Kitchen, and eat 3 balanced dinners a week
4) Recruit Blue Marin, and have interior design experts make an incredible space to work
All of your key results roll up to your objectives. If your objectives aren’t being met – change up those results! Don’t be afraid of obstacles, they help you re-evaluate. And of course, remember to enjoy all that you’ve accomplished.