This time of year everybody is ready and eager to shed the extra weight – whether that be in the form of negative thoughts, a few extra pounds gained over the holidays, or maybe junk that accumulated around the house since the start of the school year.

At Orangetheory Fitness Hingham, our 2020 Transformation Challenge is designed to help you do just that. The 8-week challenge that runs from January 20th through March 15th encourages you to “transform” in whatever way you see fit: your body, your mind, your habits, or all three and more. This year we are teaming up with a hoarde of wellness-experts to assist you in reaching your goals through weekly Facebook-live seminars with Nutritionists, Macro Coaches, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Yogi’s and more.

Our weekly challenges and prizes will keep you motivated, and a special focus on rest and recovery will remind you that what you do outside of the studio is just as important, if not more so, than what you do inside the studio. The newest addition to our challenge this year is the implementation of our Inbody machine – a safe, effective, and quick way to measure your body composition, because you are more than just a number! This will provide valuable knowledge into how you should approach your nutrition, your workouts, and your rest to ensure you are giving your body exactly what it needs to be the well-oiled machine it was designed to be. It is so important to remember, especially during this time of year, that weight is just one number. Someone with the exact same weight could have very different compositions inside. As we age, some need to worry about maintaining fat and muscle. Others may need to lose fat, but be sure that in that process of doing so they do not lose, but rather add to their muscle mass. Perhaps you find out your lower body is weaker than your upper body – you now have the extra push you needed to grab a more intimidating set of weights on your next leg day.

At Orangetheory Hingham, we have members that range from 14-75. The entire staff is really excited to go through this challenge alongside our members. For anyone that may have started and stopped a routine in their lifetime, its so true that committing to a certain habit or workout is far more fun with friends!

Note: This year we are offering a special option for nonmembers to participate in the challenge! For $199, you will receive 18 classes and a pre/post inbody scan. Those 18 classes get you 3 classes per week for 6 out of the 8 weeks – the minimum requirement to be eligible for the cash grand prize! Regardless of potential winnings [think LuluLemon, this is the only opportunity offered all year to try us out without having to commit to a recurring membership.

We love being able to be a bigger part of the CK community this time of year by offering CK’s amazing, clean food to challengers and having our Head Coach and CK Fitness editor, Ali Winslow, leading our fitness crew. The New Year has begun and we are ready to help make your 2020 goals become reality. New Year. Best You. Let’s do this…together.

Marisa Barr is the Studio Manager at OTF’s Hingham location. She can be reached via email HERE with any questions regarding OTF, the upcoming transformation challenge, or to help you find an OTF near you.