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We open our refrigerators so many times a day, yet they are easy to take for granted and neglect. But organizing your fridge can change they way you eat… and feel! Giving my pantry and refrigerator a make-over is one of my favorite things to do if I’m getting back on track with the way I take care of myself. If clean foods are the first things I see, look delicious, and are ready to eat, then I’m more apt to grab them and not something else.

I just updated my own fridge and it’s made me happy every time I open that door. It’s a quick project and totally worth the time. Are you in?

Your first step is to take everything (yes, everything) out and arrange it by category; fruits and vegetables, condiments and salad dressings, dips and spreads, dairy, meats and cheeses, etc. Check all the expiration dates and let anything go that is past its due date or that you know you won’t use. Give all of the shelves and drawers a quick clean before you start putting everything back in.

Now the fun part; putting it all back in! These are my top tips to help your fridge really work for you:

– Think about the foods that you want you and your family to eat and put those on the shelves that are easiest to see. For a lot of us, that will mean containers of fruits and veggies, greek yogurt, eggs, and lean proteins that are ready to go are right at eye level.
– Use a refrigerator bin to make a “grab and go” snack section for your kids (and make sure to put it where they can see it). Containers of fruit, small yogurts, applesauces, string cheese, and smoothies are all good choices and having them in one bin keeps the fridge tidy and kids focused on good choices.
– Use a clear lazy susan to store condiments and salad dressings. These things work like magic and keep bottles from drifting to the back of the fridge and disappearing.
– Have a deli drawer and keep forgetting about the meats and cheese stored inside? Take it out! I just did this in my own fridge, replacing the deli drawer with a fridge bin, and now I can actually see the sliced turkey that’s there waiting to be eaten. And not having that drawer has made my whole fridge seem brighter.
– Take your eggs out of their container and put them in a pretty bowl that you already have. Or put your milk or juice in a pitcher that you love. This one bit of prettiness in your fridge can give you a little jolt of happy every time you open the door.
– Consider taking out a shelf if you find that it’s hard to see the things in your fridge. The shelves are adjustable for a reason and having one less shelf can actually make it seem like you have more storage space.
– If you keep soda and sports drinks in your fridge, store them in a spot – maybe a drawer or a low shelf – that keeps them from being the first thing you see. Flavored seltzers are an easy replacement and having them at eye level means you’re more apt to grab them when you need some bubbles.
Ready? This is a simple spring fix that will pay-off every single day. If you’d like to see more of how we make this happen, click here.

CK Guest Editor: Shauna Yule Brasseur

Founder, Lovely Life Home

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