Running. It’s just GOOD for MY soul. Picture this, the sun not even up, it’s crisp (or freezing) out and I stick my headphones in and head out on a run. The run varies, could be 5-8-10 or 20 miles(GULP). I’m training for my first Boston Marathon to benefit The Martin Richard Foundation. When I first head out, I’m praying I don’t see coyotes. I’m not kidding, I hope I get to sunrise alive, LOL.

Hitting the pavement before the sun comes up is something only those that do, appreciate. The early bird gets the worm. There are parts of Hingham that I will run to so I can catch the sunrise. The most BEAUTIFUL sunrise. I always stop, snap a pic and thank GOD for the beautiful day. Running, as it does for many, allows me to clear my head or work through tough stuff. I usually will review my work notebook before I head out on a run, so I can work through my “list”. It helps me focus. It helps me solve things. Running is something that starting each day with allows for me to become a stronger person. If you have the chance, set your alarm for 30 min earlier than you are used to…lace up those sneakers and step outside into the CRISP winter(ish) air and take a deep breath. I can promise you one thing, you will not regret it (and just watch out for the Coyotes) If you’re not a runner, that doesn’t matter, walks are just as good. Grab a friend, bring a coffee. It’s all good for the soul and after all, time, fresh air and some movement and a stunning sunrise are all we need.

Life is good. Go get it.

-Erin Childs
President, boloco, & CK Community Rock Star