We know that clean eating, regular exercise, meditation and self-care are important for creating “total body wellness.” But, did you also know that your surroundings can either add to, or distract from, your quest for zen and peace? Surrounding your home space and work space with pieces you find beautiful, soothing and inspiring can boost your wellness game up a serious notch. Lucky for us, Doublemint Home is here and Megan Pollenz and Jenny Nugent are our new Home Zen Masters.

These home style mavens have teamed up to introduce unique home accessories and goods to the South Shore via pop up events and by appointment shopping. Their collection of home accents inspire functionality so that you can make your home your happy place. In addition to their pop up events, Doublemint Home will also offer by by-appointment visits and shopping via an e-mail service to help you find the perfect gift. Please visit their site to stay abreast of new products, services and events.