When we think of “wellness” and “self-care” we often have images of bubble baths and quiet nights at home in sweatpants (don’t forget the “messy bun”!) running though our minds. While self-care at home is vital to both loving your home space AND allowing you time to be in your own environment for some chill-time, traveling outside of the comforts of your own home can get the wellness juices flowing, too. Whether you are traveling near or far, even just a weekend away can awaken your sense of adventure, expose you to new experiences and cultures and, let’s be honest, not worrying about chores and laundry and “who is driving for carpool tonight” for a couple of days can have a cathartic impact on your mental health.

Recently, I stole 2 days away with my husband and we jumped on the boat to Nantucket. Not for the beach or the Holiday Stroll or anything in particular (in fact, it was the tail end of a hurricane and the weather was horrible!) – just a couple of days to relax, recharge and just “be”. With no long reservation lines at restaurants (no, seriously, for real), we were able to dine on a whim and enjoy chatting and laughing, sharing meals and cocktails together in between window shopping and the obligatory (and much anticipated) voyage on the van to Cisco Brewery. The Green Goddess Scramble at Fog Island Cafe and the Halibut & Mussels at Station 21 were 2 highlights and I came home inspired to create my own version of these 2 dishes at home for my family.

Unpacking a suitcase at the Jared Coffin House while listening to Keb Mo coming from the turntable in our room, I could feel the promise of a little R&R floating in the air, and knew I would return home with a renewed sense of excitement and appreciation for my “daily grind”. Wellness on the road can come in the form of a simple meal or a memorable moment and can often leave you basking in the glow of exploring new places, all while appreciating your own.

Where will your compass take you on your quest for wellness and relaxation this season?