Welcome CK Fitness Editor: Jennifer Mathien

It's an amazing day when you get to announce that Jennifer Mathien has just joined your CK editorial team - AND - that she will now be offering studio pilates/barre classes in Hingham. Welcome, Jenn - our "side-bum's" are already thanking you (and scared of you).

Drop The Knife: Caffe Tosca (Healthy Twists on Classic Favs)

You can totally (and, literally) “go big or go home” here with the classic favs like the enormous Double Breasted Chicken Parmesan or you can keep it light and healthy by mixing, matching and being mindful of sauces and dressing options. Here is how we do Caffe Tosca "CK style" with healthy twists on your favorite local menu.

CK Autumn Brunch Pizzetta (featuring Duxbury Saltworks

What’s better than a salty, sweet, spicy, herbaceous, savory dish for that “I kinda want breakfast...but, I also want lunch” weekend meal affectionately known as “brunch”? We are so fortunate to have incredible local, organic, hand-harvested ingredients right here on the south shore that we think the best way to highlight these incredible resources is to give them a front-row seat at the breakfast-lunch-brunch table.

Drop The Knife: Citrus & Salt (Coastal Mexican Excellence)

Welcome to our very first review in a new series we are calling "Drop The Knife" - where we get OUT of our own kitchen and hit the streets to find the best in innovative cuisine, cocktails and ambiance while uncovering healthy options and house specialities. Our first stop: Citrus & Salt (Back Bay, Boston).

CK Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili (featuring Duxbury Saltworks)

Fall is in the air and our friends at Duxbury Saltworks have created the perfect seasonal salt blend for all of our favorite fall dishes. Our new CK Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili highlights the pure flavor of locally harvested salt and the perfect blend of herbs.

Put Down The Pop Tart: Healthy & Quick Breakfast Go-To’s

Between cramming for quizzes, hitting snooze and running out the door, there really IS time to throw a little nutrition their way as the kids are running to catch the bus (because "if you miss that bus, I am NOT driving you to school!")

Letting Mom Lounge: Breakfast In Bed

Here are a few delicious ways for you to surprise mom on Sunday with the gift of clean, healthy nutrition. She spends a lot of time nourishing your body, mind and soul every day - this weekend is the perfect time to send a little bit of love and TLC back in mom's direction. Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms in our community!