Move Your Body & Get Outside

Thoughts of running in the cold can be daunting and there are only two main options for runners looking to continue putting on the miles: treadmills or face the cold. Most runners groan at the thought of running on a treadmill, particularly when it comes to longer training runs. That leaves outdoor running as the better option for many and luckily there are ways to continue to get your miles in as you train through the winter.

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Holiday Health & Happiness: Fighting Adrenal Fatigue

In these festive months, stress can be at its highest. Remember that if you are not at your best, how can you give your best to others? Here are some signs of stress that might cause harm, so, please make sure you gift yourself time to heal & replenish.

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Holiday Health & Happiness: Good Vibrations

The law of attraction - according to the "New Thought" philosophy, "is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. While there are critics of this absolute philosophy, most agree that having positive thoughts can improve your energy level and promote positive outcomes.

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Holiday Health & Happiness: Your Designated Motivator

Imagine if there was someone, or someone’s, in your business that had the energy, will, and ability to keep all of your employees pumped up, excited, happy and jazzed about their job and the work they do? And there are so many ways this can be done!

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Holiday Health & Happiness: Kindness Matters

If inspiring empathy is the key to humanity how can we make sure that we are doing enough in our own lives? It sounds like an overwhelming dilemma but it’s truly not that hard. To start, let’s make a more concerted effort to connect with those around us.

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Back To Basics: Set Your Routine With A Post-It

I’ve read that it takes 66 days, on average, to set a new routine, so be patient but also know that the time you put in now will help your kids feel calmer and more in control of their lives. And that really can make every day lovelier.